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Plastic Model Mojo Episode 44: Vegas, Clear for Liftoff!

August 13, 2021 A Scale Modeling Podcast Season 2 Episode 44
Plastic Model Mojo
Plastic Model Mojo Episode 44: Vegas, Clear for Liftoff!
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Mike and Dave host several guest in the warm up to the 2021 IPMS National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

First up is John Miller of Model Paint Solutions (aka Dr. Strangebrush). John provides some of the details for the seminars he will be hosting at the national convention. In addition, John helps kick off our solicitation of listener questions about airbrushing and decaling.  These questions will be collected and used as the topics for the next full installment of "Dr Strangebrush" in an upcoming episode.

Up next is National Convention Chairman, Bob Lomassaro.  Bob shares the final status of the show run up and what we hope to see for the national convention.

Finally, the guys from the Plastic Posse Podcast drop in and share some thoughts on the show, as well as what we all hope to experience, and not to mention a few good laughs.

If you make it to Vegas... stop by and see us!

Plastic Model Mojo is brought to you by  Model Paint Solutions !  Check out John Miller's site for the best in airbrushing, both equipment and tips of the trade.

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Countdown to Vegas:
2021 IPMS USA National Convention Web Site
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