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Plastic Model Mojo Episode 24: Fear and (self)Loathing in Scale Modeling

November 06, 2020 Season 1 Episode 24
Plastic Model Mojo
Plastic Model Mojo Episode 24: Fear and (self)Loathing in Scale Modeling
Show Notes

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Dave and Mike are joined by friend and guest Jim Bates, of Tacoma, Washington.  We get a third perspective as we discuss the fears and other things that slow us down at the bench, with Jim throwing in his 2 cents (Canadian... which is about 1.53 cents US  after conversion).

Jim's Stuff:
IPMS Canada
The Museum of Flight (Seattle, WA)

Countdown to Vegas:
2021 IPMS USA National Convention Web Site
2021 IPMS USA National Convention Trophy Sponsorships

Other Mentions:
Plastic Posse Podcast Rye Field T-34/85 Group Build - Check it out and join it.

Wallet Breakers:
NEATFI -  Mike's new task lamp for the Mojo Dojo
ARMA Hobby - It's hurricane season in Washington state, Jim gets a big box of Polish goodness in 1/72nd scale
Hannant's - Dave drops dollars at this first rate vendor in the UK.
Rye Field Models - Mike also adds a new T-34 kit to the stash

Shout-Out Links:
Skyway Model Shop,  (Jim) - All plastic and among the last of the "old school" hobby shops
Model Paint Solutions, (Jim) - John Miller, an excellent airbrush resource
Model Monkey, (Mike) - An interesting source for scale model ship upgrades
PMM Show Supporters, (Mike)- Thanks to those who have offered their support for PMM
Hannant's, (Dave) - A highly recommended online retailer

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