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PMM Twelve Minute Modelsphere: January 2024

January 01, 2024
Plastic Model Mojo
PMM Twelve Minute Modelsphere: January 2024
Show Notes


In this episode, Mike and Kentucky Dave discuss their plans and expectations for the new year. They reflect on the past year and express excitement for the upcoming modeling shows in 2024. They also announce upcoming episodes with guests from California and discuss the active community in the Plastic Model Dojo. Additionally, they share their new partnership with Squadron Hobbies and express their anticipation for what the year will bring. They conclude with New Year wishes for their listeners.


  • Plan and set expectations for the new year in terms of modeling shows and projects.
  • Engage with the modeling community and participate in shows and events.
  • Explore opportunities for donating scale models to museums.
  • Stay updated on upcoming episodes and guests on the Plastic Model Mojo podcast.
  • Join the Plastic Model Dojo Facebook group to interact with other modelers and share your work.
  • Look forward to new partnerships and collaborations in the modeling industry.


New Year's Greetings and Reflections

Planned Shows for 2024

Upcoming Episodes with Guests

Activity in the Plastic Model Dojo

New Partnership with Squadron Hobbies

Closing Remarks and New Year Wishes

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Mike and Kentucky Dave thank each and everyone of you for participating on this journey with us. We are grateful for having you as listeners, and the community that has grown around Plastic Model Mojo makes it all worth while.