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Plastic Model Mojo Episode 68: Listener Mail Spectacular

July 15, 2022 A Scale Modeling Podcast Season 3 Episode 68
Plastic Model Mojo
Plastic Model Mojo Episode 68: Listener Mail Spectacular
Show Notes

Plastic Model Mojo Episode 68: Listener Mail Spectacular

Thanks to an army of great listeners, Mike and Dave get to hit the "Easy Button" and create an episode based almost entirely on the listener mail and Facebook messages received over the last couple of weeks.  Thanks folks, it was really awesome to hear from so many of you.

Plastic Model Mojo is brought to you by  Model Paint Solutions !  Check out John Miller's site for the best in airbrushing, both equipment and tips of the trade.

From the Mail Bag!

AAMG Group Build
Vince Venturella Facebook Page
3-Floyds Brewing

Join the Mail Bag my emailing the show at or sending us a message via Facebook Messenger system from the Plastic Model Mojo Facebook page.  If you do, please tell us where you are from.  We like to know!

Wagon's Ho for Omaha!
The last installment of our support of the 2022 IPMS National Conventions.   Please pay us a visit if you are in Omaha, it's going to be a grand time.

This final installment is brought to you by the fine folks at
Based by Bill.  Please check out there website... and if in Omaha please pay them a visit in the vendor room and tell them you learn of them on Plastic Model Mojo!

2022 IPMS USA National Convention Facebook Page

More Podcast Goodness to get you through the week!
Finally, please have a listen and subscribe to our fellow podcasts in the scale model space. We all have our own take on the hobby and enjoy cooperating with each other for our mutual success.  Collectively, we are bringing you hours of content a month.

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Mike and Kentucky Dave thank each and everyone of you for participating on this journey with us. We are grateful for having you as listeners, and the community that has grown around Plastic Model Mojo makes it all worth while.